Don't Eat Away Your Retirement



Saving is tough, and every now and then, it’s nice to
splurge—especially on a meal out. Or maybe grabbing a mid-day meal is your
preferred way of easing the stress of the workday. But if you go out for lunch
four days a week, over the course of a 40-year working life, you've eaten away
nearly $60,000!

Still not convinced that bringing lunch to work is a
smart decision? Read the following reasons, courtesy of BMO Harris Bank.

  • It's healthier. Packing your own lunch gives you complete
    command over exactly what you eat and how much you eat. Think portion control.
  • It's cheaper than eating out. A typical sit-down lunch at a
    restaurant can run you anywhere from $8 - $15. Add tax and tip on top of that,
    and you could be spending as much as $350 PER MONTH on lunch.
  • You can make new friends. Since everyone shares the
    employee lunchroom, eating your lunch there (and not at your desk) may provide
    you the opportunity to have conversations with others whom you may not typically
  • Leftovers. Leftovers aren't just for dinner. The next time
    you make one of your favorite meals, prepare at least one extra, smaller,
    portion to take to work. Pasta typically heats up easily.
  • Time is your friend. You aren't wasting precious minutes
    getting to your lunch destination, standing in line, or waiting for your order
    to be prepared.

Can't see yourself going cold turkey and bringing your
lunch every day? Then start out small. Even taking it to the office twice a week
will help build your savings.

"You can save hundreds of dollars each year
if you simply cut back on that morning latte," says Julie Curran, Regional
President, BMO Harris Bank. "You'll be amazed how quickly the savings add

Source: BMO Harris branch.