Kitchen and Beyond: Stainless Steel & Top Kitchen Trends For


By John Voket

As I begin the first few tentative steps into my
own 'kitchen and beyond' remodeling project, we'll be sharing with you a number
of ideas and tips learned along the way. One of the early resources for ideas
about kitchen remodeling was Stanton Homes ( in Apex,

Many of the latest homes that company is designing locate kitchens
directly off, or open to the home's large great rooms. These Stanton kitchen now
looks less "kitcheny" and more often like an inviting place to gather and
entertain, with decorative elements that are strong right now include natural
finishes like wood and stone complimented by glass, shiny metallics, special
attention to lighting details, and even crystal.

Andrea Enns, Stanton
Homes' Interior Design expert also reaffirmed that it is quite a "safe" to
invest in stainless steel appliances and finishes. Enns says since stainless
steel has been used in the best kitchens for over a century due to its universal
appeal, its ability to provide a sterile surface, its shiny appearance, as well
as its association with luxury.

On another front, the Consumer's Voice
for Kitchen and Bath Remodeling ( is promoting three new
kitchen trends for 2013, including:

  • Soft Contemporary – A simpler approach of the modern kitchen, a soft
    contemporary design doesn’t have as many harsh lines, but more soft accents
    throughout the space. This look can be achieved through modern accents in a more
    traditional space such as contemporary bar stools or lighting.
  • New Traditional – Instead of the “transitional” kitchen name, new
    traditional is much like transitional but has more emphasis on classic touches.
    Instead of the large, overbearing feel of a traditional kitchen, the new
    traditional design feels much lighter.
  • Eclectic – This design trend is less of one style as it is a mixture of
    many. We see a lot of spaces putting together different finishes, patterns and
    textures to create a space that is truly one of a kind.

We will
focus on other remodeling and historic restoration projects as our 'Kitchen and
Beyond...' series continues.